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Universal Mailing Services isn’t just any other mail house. We view direct mail from an advertiser’s perspective—not from a manufacturer’s. We strive to save you money on postage and processing as well as help you get the best results from your direct mail. This involves helping you with everything from choosing the optimal direct mail piece to guiding you through mailing list options and even cost-effective alternatives to printing. We also offer international mailing services at competitive rates. Call Universal Mailing Services today and see for yourself how helpful and unique we are. Phoenix Metro: 480-655-9090

Mailing Lists

Consumer & Business Sales Leads

Accurate and current mailing lists and quality sales leads. International mailing available. Call us today at 480-655-9090 for a free marketing report in your area.


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Postcards & Flyers

Lowest Prices. Designed, Printed and Mailed

Let us turn your ideas into a successful direct mail plan. Deluxe Full Color Postcards and our special Big Yellow Cards at the lowest possible price.


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File Upload


One of the biggest challenges to preparing your mail is getting it where it needs to go. Properly addressing your materials with a labeling process is the key to ensuring they get where you want them to go.





Does your project have multiple pages or inserts? Folding each piece to properly fit into the addressed envelope, being sure that the front of each insert is displayed when your customer opens their mail…all of these are important during the inserting process of your project.



Tabbing & Wafer Sealing

Do you have a brochure or catalog of your products that is being mailed to your customer list? Are your materials packaged together and then folded over with the address label on the outer side? Often catalogs, brochures and some other pieces are designed to be mailed without being first inserted into an envelope. Your piece may be designed like this.




Postage Affixing

When you begin to plan your project, one of the things you need to plan for is postage. Postage is a given when mailing anything through the U.S. Post Office. This is how you pay the U.S. Post Office to process and deliver your mail.





Shrink Wrapping

It’s a fact of life when it comes to mailing through the U.S. Post Office, sometimes mail gets damaged before it reaches its intended recipient. Paper is fragile and no matter how careful the U.S. Post Office is when they are sorting and distributing your mail, sometimes the paper gets torn or ripped.




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