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●   How to Achieve the Best Laser Print

●   Postal Tabs and the Correct Application

●   Difference Between First Class Mailing and Bulk Mailing

●   Different but Popular Shrink Wrap Methods

●   Printing Paper Types


How to Achieve the Best Laser Print

Posted on August 24, 2012 by UMS


The growth of the digital age has led many people to believe that print has died out. On the contrary, printed media, documents, papers and other print goods has only increased in quality and production alongside digital advancements. Laser printers have become exceptional good additions to homes, offices, and businesses and they combine technology and printing capabilities in one. Achieving the Best Laser Print: 1. The first step in achieving the best laser print quality starts with the printer itself. Many people want to reduce costs and buy cheaper models. While this may be good sometimes, many people end up … Continue reading →


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Postal Tabs and the Correct Application

Posted on July 27, 2012 by UMS


What is a Postal Tab? In simple terms a postal service tab is the perfect solution for mailing brochures and flyers. As per the USPS norms and recent incorporation in the rules, requires that mail items like brochures or booklets to be tabbed so that they do not open up while being processed through their processing machinery. Mailing tabs can be of various designs and makes. The bottom line of any mailing tab is that they should secure tightly when posted or during rough handling of postage, and also for the recipients to be able to open the mailed brochure. … Continue reading →


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Difference Between First Class Mailing and Bulk Mailing

Posted on June 27, 2012 by UMS


Many people who are seeking to advertise through the mail are wondering which types there are and which of those is best for them. Generally speaking, there are two types of mailing in large quantities; bulk and first class mailing. There are a few differences and similarities between bulk and first class mailing: Since both of these are done in large quantities they both receive a discount on postage. However, first class mail does not receive discounted postage until at least 500 pieces or more of post are sent. Bulk post, however, only needs to have a minimum of 300 … Continue reading →


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Different but Popular Shrink Wrap Methods

Posted on May 29, 2012 by UMS


Small or big business, there are some processes that are used that protect your goods. Shrink wrapping helps to protect your products and keep them tight and safe, and most importantly tamper proof. What is shrink wrapping? Shrink wrapping is a distinct method where a thin polymer plastic sheet is wrapped around your choice of product. The polymer wrap is then secured with the help of heat and made so tight which makes it difficult even the air around it to infiltrate in. It is a tight wrap and protects the product from anything. Shrink wraps can be done with … Continue reading →


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Printing Paper Types

Posted on April 25, 2012 by UMS


Every business has its own requirements. This is applicable to printing as well. While it is true that any paper can be used for almost any type of printing, the effect is significantly different. The difference in effect is the cause and evolution of different paper types and putting them into relevant use. Smooth or Rough Broadly speaking there are two types of effects. Smooth or rough. To get a smooth, glossy and a high shine finish you will need to have coated paper. On the other hand, to have a rough and textured look, an uncoated paper is the … Continue reading →


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How an Envelope is Made

Posted on March 22, 2012 by UMS


The use of email and social networking has become increasingly relied upon to share information within the past decade, which has helped the world save a large sum of paper. Although people are beginning to rely on the Internet to share their information, the Internet is not always the best way to send certain documents and letters such as greeting cards or contracts. This means that nearly every person turns to the US postal service to send at least a quarter of their personal letters and documents. According to the United States Postal Service, some 168 billion letters were mailed … Continue reading →


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Direct Mail Consulting Works

Posted on February 20, 2012 by UMS


In today’s business world there are many ways that a company can market and consult with its customers. One of the most effective ways of marketing or consulting with a customer is by finding ways to help or benefit the customer when it comes to your product. A great way of marketing to your customers and helping them is by the use of direct mail. Direct Mail Concept Direct mailing is a service that involves the mailing and usually the printing of predetermined items of mail. Typically, this involves information about the company such as contact information, what they provide, … Continue reading →


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Mail Fulfillment – A Must for a Successful Business

Posted on January 17, 2012 by UMS


The end result of all business – big or small – is to be successful. To be so, one has to work on several strategies and ideas. It is also not possible often to do everything in house. Many of the business houses irrespective of their size are opting for fulfillment services. So what are fulfillment services or what are they related to? In simple terms fulfillment services are services that are provided by companies to their customers to fulfill their business needs. They are specialists in their field and render services accordingly. There are various different types of fulfillment … Continue reading →


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Direct Mail Campaigns That Work

Posted on December 14, 2011 by UMS


As a business owner it is all about making the most of a business situation. While you are conscientious about your money and the expenditure needed to make the business successful, you would not want to spend in wasteful marketing. Most of the marketing tactics are about spending heaps of money with little or no returns at all. As against this, direct mail campaigns can work wonders and cost very little for a small business entrepreneur, and give him or her more than just optimum returns. However a direct mail campaign may take a little trial and error to know … Continue reading →


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