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Difference Between First Class Mailing and Bulk Mailing

Posted on June 27, 2012 by UMS


Many people who are seeking to advertise through the mail are wondering which types there are and which of those is best for them. Generally speaking, there are two types of mailing in large quantities; bulk and first class mailing.


There are a few differences and similarities between bulk and first class mailing:


Since both of these are done in large quantities they both receive a discount on postage. However, first class mail does not receive discounted postage until at least 500 pieces or more of post are sent. Bulk post, however, only needs to have a minimum of 300 pieces of post sent in order to get the discounted postage. When only looking at this factor many people would assume that bulk post is better because you will receive a discount on postage sooner because the minimum amount is less. While the number is lower, you are missing out on a key factor; expediency.


First class mailing, for local shipments, tends to arrive between 1 and 3 days on average. Bulk post, however, averages around 1 to 7 days before arriving. First class mailing, for the most part, will arrive sooner than bulk post. Because first class mail arrives faster it is being processed and shipped at a more expedited rate; this is why the minimum number of mailed items is greater before receiving a discount on postage.


The quality of these two different methods is not any different; it just comes down to delivery time and price. If your goal was to send out a large number of items and have them arrive sooner, than first class post would be your best choice if price was not too much of a concern. If you were more concerned with saving some money and didn’t mind if the post took a little longer to arrive than bulk post would be a good option.


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