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Different but Popular Shrink Wrap Methods

Posted on May 29, 2012 by UMS


Small or big business, there are some processes that are used that protect your goods. Shrink wrapping helps to protect your products and keep them tight and safe, and most importantly tamper proof.


What is shrink wrapping?

Shrink wrapping is a distinct method where a thin polymer plastic sheet is wrapped around your choice of product. The polymer wrap is then secured with the help of heat and made so tight which makes it difficult even the air around it to infiltrate in. It is a tight wrap and protects the product from anything.


Shrink wraps can be done with the help of rolled polyolefin material and can be used as much as needed. It can be sealed using heat. This is mainly applicable to small machines. On the other hand, pre formed polymer plastic bags are available in different shapes and sizes. The object is put inside it and then shrink wrapped. The bag is then put through a heat process, as a result of which the bag takes that shape of the product. It is a wonderful way to secure an object and protect it from the surrounding atmosphere.


Shrink wrap is great for big or even small business segments. For small or home businesses, a table top shrink wrap can be installed. Typically these machines are portable and can be installed at any place. Shrink wrap, helps to wrap perishables as well as non-perishables like arty stuff or other stuff that needs to be transported in a secured manner. For big business shrink wrap machines are an investment as it can be used to pack almost anything. Automatic gadgets and vacuum sealers are a necessity to a commercial set up that requires their product to be shrink wrapped. It certainly is an easy and neat way to protect your products.


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