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Direct Mail Campaigns That Work

Posted on December 14, 2011 by UMS


As a business owner it is all about making the most of a business situation. While you are conscientious about your money and the expenditure needed to make the business successful, you would not want to spend in wasteful marketing. Most of the marketing tactics are about spending heaps of money with little or no returns at all. As against this, direct mail campaigns can work wonders and cost very little for a small business entrepreneur, and give him or her more than just optimum returns. However a direct mail campaign may take a little trial and error to know which one works the best. Once you know it, you are on the path to success.


So here are some avenues that you can try:




This is one of the most no fuss no mess ways to get attention from your present and prospective clients. Make them attractive, with relevant copy and they are surely to get noticed and read. They are also a great way to communicate new offers or happenings that you would need to pass on. In addition, postcards are inexpensive and can be designed on your own free time. Make sure to mail your information or message as often as needed. But, do not go overboard with irrelevant mail, as your postcard may be discarded even before it is read.




In case you have had a good review from a customer, email it or send out mailers and let your target audience know the best you have to offer. Often an incentive with testimonials works wonders.


Introduce Loyalty Programs


Everyone likes to be recognized and rewarded. If your customers have reached a certain level, reward them in some way or give them some free service. This will ensure loyalty and continued brand following.


Referral Program


Ask your customers to provide you with names and addresses of friends and family. Reward them for providing a name and the referee a special offer that they cannot decline.


Monthly Newsletter


Develop a newsletter and send out information about new products, sales specials, seasonal offerings, upcoming events and other happenings that could be of interest to your customers. Make it at least once in two months and let your products be at the top of their mind.


Coupon Calendar


This has worked wonderfully for numerous business setups. A calendar with discount coupons is a retainer and is looked for by the clientele.


Celebrate Special Occasions


Be personalized in your approach and send out wishes or token gifts on special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. This makes one and all feel special and builds customer loyalty for being remembered.


Conduct Contests


Do contests and reward your winners. They get a taste of your products and service and well as encouraged to try out new product offerings.


Private Sale


If you are in the business of luxury items, you may like to hold a private sale or something like a sneak preview. This makes your customers feel special and for them to look forward to such events. It can be a great sales booster as well. Let them know that a part of the sales proceeds are being donated to charity for an assured visit and buys.


Mail Reminders


It is always nice to be reminded of a service that they need to undertake. For example, an oil change or a car wash. This brings back repeat customers and enhances business as well.


Hope you enjoyed these direct mail campaign ideas and help you increase your revenue!


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