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Mail Piece Design


Perhaps you have decided to publish mailing materials to showcase or advertise your business or organization. Or perhaps you are preparing to send a newsletter or your regularly scheduled invoices. You know what information about your business or organization, or your products or services that you want printed on your materials and you may already know what inserts will be included and who you are sending your materials to.


Did you also know that your mail pieces must also meet U.S. Postal Service regulations?


As you developed your mailing materials you’ve probably also thought about:


The colors you will use on your materials

The dimensional size of your materials

The typeset or font for the words on your materials

How many pages will be in your mailing

If you will include something you want your recipients to send back to you


Designing Mail – Rules and Regulations

While the U.S. Post Office does not regulate the color or font you choose for the materials you plan to mail, they do regulate the dimensional size and weight of your materials, as well as the placement of certain key information, such as your recipients’ address, your return address, and the placement of the postage.


Before you begin designing your materials, it is important to plan ahead for what the U.S. Postal Service will require. You don’t want to go through the time and expense of designing and printing your materials only to discover that the space on the outside for a return address must be in a particular location on your materials, or that there may be restrictions on the size and dimensions of your materials.


When it comes to the size of your materials, the U.S. Postal Service has certain guidelines that determine the amount of postage you will have to pay to mail your materials, and there are some restrictions that determine if the size of your materials will allow them to be delivered by first class mail. Most importantly, it is possible that just a slight change in the dimensions of your materials could mean an extra postage cost and knowing this before you print your materials allows you to plan for that expense or adjust your materials slightly to render a lower cost on your postage.


Before you print your materials, contact us for a mail piece design and pre-press consultation. We will help you achieve your goal to grab your recipients’ attention with your materials while complying with the U.S. Postal Service’s regulations.


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