Does your project have multiple pages or inserts? Folding each piece to properly fit into the addressed envelope, being sure that the front of each insert is displayed when your customer opens their mail…all of these are important during the inserting process of your project.


Whether it is your monthly invoice, your quarterly newsletter, your marketing materials, or another project, we know that you’ve worked hard to plan and design your outgoing mail. And we understand how important inserting is for your customers.


During the inserting process of your project, some inserts need to be hand folded and inserted to lend that personal touch to your project. Other inserts are best handled with the precision and speed of a machine. Whether the folding and inserting is accomplished by hand or machine, Universal Mailing Services is here to make it possible for you.


Addressed Inserting

Is your inserting specific to the receiver and need to be matched up to the rest of the materials? This is a critical step in the process of putting your materials together when your inserts are addressed and need to be matched up to the rest of your materials so that the receiver gets all the pieces that are addressed to them.


We understand how critical it is that all of the addressed inserts go to the correct recipient. Our systems for preparing your materials with addressed inserts will ensure that all the pieces are mailed together.


Multiple Inserting

For some projects you may only have one insert while others may have several inserts. Perhaps you have a monthly mailing with one or two inserts letting your customers know about a new service you offer. Or perhaps a marketing project with several inserts showcasing the many aspects of the new line of business you are about to launch.


Whether it is one insert, several, or somewhere in-between, you can be assured your inserting project is in good hands with Universal Mailing Services.


Varied Size Inserting

Does your inserting involve different sizes than the rest of your materials? Having materials of different sizes can delay the process of getting your project completed if the service you choose is not organized and prepared for this.


We understand that some projects are designed with different sizes of inserts and we are ready and able to complete your projects with inserts of different sizes.


Contact us today and let’s talk about how we can help you in preparing your project with our inserting service.


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