One of the biggest challenges to preparing your mail is getting it where it needs to go. Properly addressing your materials with a labeling process is the key to ensuring they get where you want them to go.


We recognize that how your mailed materials are addressed is critical to their timely delivery. Printing addresses directly on the materials to be mailed is one option but usually the process of printing the materials is a separate project.


Whether it is just your customers’ names and addresses that need to be added to your project or your own business name and address that need to be added as well, this is where labeling becomes a key solution to getting all the correct addresses on your materials.


There are different ways to address your mailing project and we can provide them all.


Labeling Options

●     Cheshire Labeling – Cheshire labels are printed on a continuous sheet of paper that is then cut into labels by a Cheshire machine. The Cheshire machine adds glue to the back of the labels and affixes them to the material to be mailed. Many of the magazines you receive in the mail use a Cheshire label.


●     Pressure Sensitive Labeling – Pressure sensitive labels can be printed using a standard laser or inkjet printer and software. Your company labeling can be enhanced by adding your company logo to the label. You can also use pressure sensitive labeling that is reusable. This is great when you want your customer to respond back to you. They can easily pull the label off and apply it to the material you want them to mail back to you.


●     Avery Labeling – Many people who own or work in business have heard of Avery labels. Avery is a company that makes labels in different sizes and provides templates through word processing software such as Microsoft Windows Word and Word Perfect. Because their templates are easy to use, many offices use Avery to create labels for internal use. If your mailing list is in a database that is ready to download to an Avery template we can create those labels for you from your database.


●     Specialty Stickers – Specialty stickers provide you with something unique and different, something that will let you and your project stand out from the rest. Add color, styles and designs to your address labels.


Labeling can be both a speedy and precise solution to addressing your mailing project. And it can also be an addressing solution that stands out from the rest of the crowd.


Contact us today to find out how we can make labeling functional, affordable, and stylish for your next project.


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