Postage Affixing



When you begin to plan your project, one of the things you need to plan for is postage. Postage is a given when mailing anything through the U.S. Post Office. This is how you pay the U.S. Post Office to process and deliver your mail.


The U.S. Post Office has requirements regarding how you show that you have paid for your stamps. If you are sending a few pieces of mail and want first class delivery then you are likely going to purchase a stamp and attach it to the envelope.


However, when sending out large groups of mailed materials, the U.S. Post Office allows for some other options to this single stamp. These other options give you more options when it comes to preparing your materials to be mailed. And depending on how many pieces of mail are in your project, you may even be able to get discounts on your stamp. This can be very advantageous since paying for postage can be a large part of your project budget.


Affixing Stamps – We offer 3 options for your project:


Live Stamp Affixing

If your project does not meet the volume needed to qualify for a discount and your materials are going first class mail, affixing stamps on your materials by hand may be the best solution for your project. But it can be time consuming and we know that your time is valuable. We can do this for you as a stand-alone service or as part of other services we provide for your project.



Postage metering is probably the most commonly used stamp affixing solution for mailing projects. Postage meters are able to print the stamps, date the stamps and cancel at the same time, right on your materials. We purchase the postage directly from the U.S. Post Office, it is credited to our postage meter and we print the metered stamp on each piece. This can be a perfect affixing solution for materials that are oversized and need additional postage or when bulk mailing rates apply and less postage is needed. This is also helpful when you have a project with different rates.



This is a very popular way of affixing postage when you have a high volume mailing project. The U.S. Post Office gives you a permit number that you have printed directly on your materials and the postage is deducted from your account as each piece is processed at the U.S. Post Office.


We know that you work hard to plan and design your mailing projects and planning ahead for your postage requirements is key in planning your project. Contact us today and find out how we can help you plan for your postage affixing needs as well.


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