Shrink Wrapping &
Poly Bagging



It’s a fact of life when it comes to mailing through the U.S. Post Office, sometimes mail gets damaged before it reaches its intended recipient. Paper is fragile and no matter how careful the U.S. Post Office is when they are sorting and distributing your mail, sometimes the paper gets torn or ripped.


The problem with this is that you work hard to put together your piece. Whether you are sending an invoice to your client, a catalog of your newest products, a photographic display of the newest properties for sale, or any other materials that represent you and your business, you have put a lot of time and effort and expense in getting your project where you need it to go.


And unless your customer contacts you for a replacement you may never know when your piece has been delivered in a damaged condition. More likely if they arrive damaged, even if part of it is readable, your customer or potential customer, may just toss it in the trash.


Shrink Wrapping Services

Shrink wrapping or poly bagging your project can be the best solution. Shrink wrapping and poly bagging wraps your materials in a see-through wrapper that encloses them safely so that your piece arrives safely and intact.


Shrink wrapping and poly bagging is also less costly than envelopes. The wrapping costs less than paper envelopes and weighs less so you save more on postage.


And unlike paper envelopes, your project is visible through the wrapping so when it arrives at its destination everyone can see what it is before they even open it. And there’s a bit of an added benefit as well. From the time your materials are mailed until they arrive at their destination, they are on view for everyone to see – it’s like free advertising!


The piece you send by mail represents you and your business. You want your clients to know that you are capable of providing the goods or services that you offer and having your project arrive safely and ready to be viewed in the condition you sent them in is our goal.


Let us help make this happen for you by shrink wrapping or poly bagging your next project.


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