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Tabbing & Wafer Sealing


Do you have a brochure or catalog of your products that is being mailed to your customer list?


Are your materials packaged together and then folded over with the address label on the outer side?


Often catalogs, brochures and some other pieces are designed to be mailed without being first inserted into an envelope. Your piece may be designed like this.


When sending materials that are not in a sealed envelope, the U.S. Post Office requires us to give them a project that is capable of being processed through their mail sorting machinery. The solution is to seal them using Postal Tabbing, also known as Wafer Sealing, which are approved for use by the U.S. Post Office.


The U.S. Post Office has specific regulations when it comes to sending catalogs, brochures, and other materials that are not in standard envelopes. This is so that when each of those mailed pieces is processed through the U.S. Post Office’s mail sorting machinery it will go through smoothly and without slowing down their process of sorting the mail.


What is Tabbing & Wafer Sealing?

●     Tabbing, or wafer sealing, is the process of preparing your piece so that the tabbing is in the correct place. Tabbing also helps your mailed pieces get through the U.S. Post Office’s machinery without tearing or other damages.


●     Tabbing, or wafer sealing, your piece is also key in getting the postage discounts that are available when you send a large group of pieces of mail at the same time. This is known as bulk mailing and since postage can be a costly part of any budget, many businesses and organizations want to take advantage of postage discounts whenever possible.


The U.S. Post Office also has requirements regarding tabbing and wafer sealing, depending on the size of your project. We recognize that the positioning of your tabbing is also important to you. We know that you have worked hard to plan and design your piece and when you think of adding a sticker you may at first be concerned about covering up your work.


There are Many Options Available


Rest assured that with the translucent tabbing or wafer sealing, that are available, your project will show right through so those who receive your project will have the benefit of seeing everything you’ve worked so hard to prepare.


Wafer tabbing is available in white and a variety of colors to match the design of your project if you prefer. And sometimes tabbing and wafer sealing in a bright or shiny color helps bring more attention to your project.


Contact us today and find out more information on how tabbing and wafer sealing can work for your project.



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